We reveal the geometric signatures of natural and artificial intelligence.

We are physicists, neuroscientists, statisticians, mathematicians and computer scientists who develop methods to understand intelligence in human and artificial neural networks. 

We use tools from geometry, topology, computer vision, machine learning and deep learning to reveal the structures of intelligence. Our findings inspire us to build next–generation intelligent systems: Geometric AI.

By creating geometric computational representations of human and artificial brains at different scales, we aim to transform theoretical, computational and clinical brain sciences. For the latter, we work with clinicians to advance medical knowledge and AI-assisted medical practice for brain sciences. 

Geometric Intelligence Research


geometric art

The concepts of geometry and shapes are very intuitive to the human eye. How can we express and quantify geometries and shapes mathematically and in a computer? Learn more.

Artificial Intelligence


We research foundations of geometric deep learning and topological deep learning and ask: what is the geometry of a deep learning model? Can we build a geometric model of the (artificial) mind? Learn more.

Natural Intelligence


We explore the neural manifold hypothesis which postulates that the activity of (biological) neurons forms low-dimensional geometric subspaces -- the neural manifolds -- that reflect the structure of the outside world. Learn more.

Intelligence-Based Medicine

brain mris

What are the geometric signatures of neurodegenerative diseases: what does a brain shape tell us about the progression of Alzheimer's disease? Why are women are twice at risk of Alzheimer's compared to men? Learn more.

Latest News


Nina Miolane named Hellman Fellow

Nina Miolane was named a 2023 Hellman Fellow. The Hellman Fellows Fund, founded by Chris and Warren Hellman in 1994, provides support to promising junior faculty in the earliest stages of their academic career. The award supports emerging leaders across the University of California, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Stanford University, Harvard Business School and Williams College.

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Adele Myers Receives the Prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)

Adele Myers, Ph.D. in the Geometric Intelligence Lab, has been awarded the prestigious NSF GRFP fellowship. She will receive 3 years of funding to develop novel cutting-edge methodology to analyze biological shapes.

This award recognizes her as an outstanding graduate student & high-achieving early career scientist!

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Sophia Sanborn Receives the Prestigious PIMS-Simons Fellowship!

Sophia Sanborn, postdoctoral fellow in the Geometric Intelligence Lab, has been awarded the prestigious PIMS-Simons fellowship from the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Simons Foundation.

This fellowship recognizes her as an "outstanding young researcher in the mathematical sciences”!

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