portrait of Nina Miolane

Nina Miolane  | Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science (by courtesy)

Affiliate Researcher, SLAC National Laboratory, Stanford University

Affiliate Researcher, Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare



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portrait mathilde

Mathilde Papillon  | PhD Student

Articulated Models of Body Poses

Topological Deep Learning

portrait adele

Adele Myers  | PhD Student

Differential geometry of shape spaces

Riemannian metric learning

portrait francisco

Francisco Acosta  | PhD student

Geometry of neural representations

Manifold learning with deep learning

portrait of christian

Christian Shewmake | PhD Student

Geometry in perception and neural computation

Co-supervised with Bruno Olshausen, UC Berkeley.


Daniel Kunin | Visiting PhD Student

Learning Dynamics in Neural Networks

Co-affiliated to Stanford Neural Dynamics & Computation Lab and Stanford NeuroAILab.


Sophia Sanborn | Postdoc

Groups and Symmetries in Nature

Co-affiliated to UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.

Headshot of Bongjin Koo

Bongjin Koo | Postdoc

Geometric (Deep) Learning and Biological Imaging


David Klindt | Postdoc

Statistical inference, life sciences

Co-affiliated to Stanford SLAC.

portrait sarah

Sarah Kushner  | Visiting Ph.D. Student

Computational Geometry



Simon Mataigne | Visiting PhD Student

Riemannian Geometry

Co-supervised with P.A. Absil, UC Louvain.

Hannah Pellegrini | Lab Manager


Luís F. Pereira | Research Engineer