Interested in our lab? We have open research positions in the areas of Computational Brain Sciences and Geometric AI.

What We Offer You

As a member of the Geometric Intelligence Lab, you will have the opportunity to explore theoretical foundations of geometry and machine learning research, and to develop cutting-edge practical methods for biology and medicine. You will have the flexibility to choose your research projects according to your research interests, such as your preferences for theory versus applications. You will also receive guidance and directions tailored to your career goals, while being offered advice to refine such goals. You will find an exciting working environment fostering collaborative brainstorming, creative thinking, technical implementations, and practical applications of the most innovative ideas. If you are driven by excellence, without compromising on quality of life, you will fit right in!

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Our lab is embedded in the thriving community of the University of California, in the Santa Barbara campus located at a fabulous ocean location a few hours drive from San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. We work in collaboration with clinicians and experts in molecular and cell biology, from Stanford SLAC and University of Southern California (USC), to advance the frontiers of biomedical knowledge and AI-assisted medical practice world-wide. This provides an exciting environment to tackle scientifically and socially relevant challenges in AI applied to biology and medicine.

Other advantages include: flexible working hours, career advice and international travels.


We consider spontaneous applications in the form of a (short) research proposal!



To apply for the open position, look at the guidelines here.

To be considered with a spontaneous application, contact Dr. Miolane (

  • Include "Application Geometric Intelligence Lab" in the email's subject
  • Attach your CV/resume
  • Identify specific research project

MSc. and PhD. Students

We welcome interested graduate students! Graduate students entering at the Master level should apply for the Fall quarter, students entering directly at the PhD level can apply for the Winter, Spring and Fall quarters.



Apply online to the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) graduate program in the area of Communication and Signal Processing (CSP)

Specify Dr. Miolane's name as your potential advisor

Optionally, send an email to Dr. Miolane (

  • Include "Application Geometric Intelligence Lab" in the email's subject
  • Attach your CV/resume and transcripts
  • Add a brief description of any past research experience